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We often are asked “Do I need worker’s comp insurance if I sell online?” While an eCommerce business may not have a physical store for an employee to, say, slip on a wet floor and sprain their ankle, they can still be held responsible if an employee gets injured while working (like getting carpel tunnel syndrome due to repetitive typing).

Worker’s Comp policies cover things like:

  • Medical expenses associated with a work-related injury, such as emergency room visits, surgeries, and prescriptions
  • Lost wages for employees that require time off to recover from a work-related injury or illness
  • Ongoing care for an injury so severe, they need long-term treatment
  • Funeral costs in the event an employee loses their life on the job
  • Disability to cover medical bills and lost wages when an employee is temporarily or permanently disabled in the workforce
  • Medical expenses due to sustained injuries due to repetitive tasks (like typing or lifting).

Though workers compensation is not a policy Amazon requires, just know that an employee can sue you should they fall ill or get injured as a direct result of your company.


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