Testimonials From Our Clients

I wish to thank Ashlin Hadden, Owner of Ashlin Hadden Insurance Group for the great assistance she provided in my efforts to obtain business insurance for my e-commerce business. After contacts with several other insurance companies met with negative results as they have no idea what e-commerce involves or because they would only insure a business with a physical location, I was successful in finding Ashlin who was not only knowledgeable of e-commerce, she obtained a policy for me within a day! I highly recommend her and the service she provides!

– Marcella B

Ashlin was one of the first people to actually take the time to learn about my Amazon business and learn about how everything works. It was this in-depth interest in the e-commerce field that makes her stand out from all the “other” agents out there. She truly understands the life (and the risks that come with it) of an Amazon FBA seller.

– Chris W


Incredible customer service!  If you are a parent and have a full time job, normal business hours are not always the easiest time to take care of your insurance needs.  Ashlin has gone above and beyond and has been available by phone and text to answer my questions after my kids have gone to bed when I am able to get my work done.  Her  and her team is very professional and they have been able to beat competitive quotes that I have received from other companies.  They have exceeded my expectations and I have no problem recommending them to friends.

– Chris M



I absolutely 100% endorse Ashlin D Hadden for insurance. I put it off for over a year, thinking it would be a paperwork nightmare, but she made it stupid easy for me to insure 2 of my businesses in less than 3 days.

– Greg J

I couldn’t find anyone to insure my E-commerce business, so I asked around and eventually, someone in a Facebook group recommended I talk to Ashlin. I sent her an e-mail, she got me a quote within a day, and then was very patient and responsive in providing me answers to ALL of my questions. I signed all the paperwork about a week later and that was it! I highly recommend anyone looking to insure their E-commerce business to contact to Ashlin. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in finding insurance for business owners like us.

– Chris K

Trying to figure out this whole amazon business insurance issue was a bit overwhelming! It was awesome to have achieved more than $10,000 a month in sales for 3 months, but hard to face the realization that it was time to become a “real” business. Ashlin made the process of getting the needed coverage easy and affordable. I know that if I have questions, she is available. I would recommend her to anyone!!

– Becky C

I had business insurance till it was canceled by my insurance company because I no longer had a retail store. So I looked local and most said they could not write the policy or never got back to me. One did call me but the price was very high. So I sent Ashlin an email stating what I needed. She got right on it. She had me a quote within a couple hours. So after looking it over and changing a few things, she had my policy all setup later the next day. Even found a company where they would bill me the opening payment. Thank You again Ashlin and to your company for being there for Online Sellers.

– Brad

I had insurance, up for renewal soon but never felt good about agent. You changed that, thanks. I am Glad I reached out. With your permission I will spread the word on a few other FB groups. I admire your hustle. – Gary

Thank you so much for your service! You made this extremely easy. I had been putting this off for far too long, and you made this process very painless. – Jay
I am genuinely very impressed with her service. It is outstanding and exactly what I want my insurance agent to provide. Great Job – Andy

That was amazingly quick and painless!

– Sean

I can also vouch for Ashlin Hadden. I got a quote and ended up with better coverage for less money than my previous insurance company. She is very  quick with responses and was quite pleasant to t talk to on the phone. Give her a shot at your business.

– David Morris

She’s my agent and extremely easy to work with!

– Jeremy Railsback

I contacted Ashlin Hadden today and already have a quote.

– Adrienne Dupree

She set me up with my Online Business insurance in a few hours. My local agents count not even get back to me in days. Thank You again Ashlin!

– Brad Barber

She helped me with my online business insurance too – super helpful!!!

– Becky Childress

I just want to give a big thank you to Ashlin Hadden. I have been putting off getting the required insurance but contacted her today and she was very responsive and diligent in getting my policy issued. Thank you Ashlin!

– Andy Russell


I was terrified when I first starting shopping for insurance that would meet all of Amazon’s requirements. The first year I was insured I went with a local agent from a nationally recognized brand. They had a ton of questions for me and it made me nervous because it never felt like we were on the same page. I felt it was my only option and so I became the first e-commerce policy they had ever written. Nonetheless, I spent the better part of a year uneasy and wondering in the back of my mind if something were to happen would the policy actually cover everything I needed it to. Then I heard about Ashlin Hadden and all the many e-commerce insurance solutions she offers. Finally, someone that specializes in e-commerce policies and better yet she speaks the Amazon language. Getting a policy was super simple and straight forward. Ashlin answered all my questions in a very timely and professional manner. She even handled submitting the needed requirements for Amazon for me. I have the peace of mind now that I never had a year ago. If you want the best policy and service, look no further than Ashlin.

– Greg Webb