There’s no doubt that starting a business built on bricks or a business built on clicks can be daunting!

I mean where do you start?

When you first startup, you don’t just need to know about your product or service, but other skills like building an audience, selling, copywriting, accounting, SEO the list is endless.

Let’s be real: Often you don’t even know what you need to know!

Knowledge can be the difference between your business succeeding and failing. As entrepreneurs you need to remain ahead of the curve.

One of the easiest ways to accumulate knowledge and power is through Podcasts.

Podcasts can be an easy way to listen and learn as you can multitask and listen while you’re commuting to work, doing house work or even at the gym!

The Business Hacker Podcast is a simple easy to listen Podcast that breaks down the key components of Business Success run by the folk at

We were recently featured on the show where you can learn about the different types of business risks and why you may need to Protect yourself and your business from business risk in our interview on the show. You can listen here here.

You can even learn about topics like Instagram marketing, deciding which online business model is the best to start with to topics like Accounting for Sales Tax!

There are also case studies from real business owners detailing how sellers have gone about achieving success building a brand.

Hope this has been useful and you keep those sales rolling in!


  • Ashlin Hadden

    Ashlin Hadden is the owner of Ashlin Hadden Insurance and an enthusiastic executive leader offering over 16 years of experience in Insurance / Banking and Financial Services. Her passion is to understand the value of protecting your assets, the importance of serving clients, and how to recognize potential risks.

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