Special Event Insurance

A special event and training classes can take a significant amount of time and money to plan. Coordinating vendors, coordinating speakers, selecting and securing the venue and so many other details. As much as you plan, there is always a chance that something unexpected could happen. So, what do you do when things don’t go as planned? What if something does go wrong? You are liable for the event and if someone gets hurt at the venue, if property damage occurs, or if a guest is hurt is on their way home from your training or event. You need to get a Special Event Insurance Policy to protect your business.

Does the Venue Require this coverage?

Most venues require you to have event insurance. They typically want a 1 Million Liability policy.

What does this policy cover?

Special event insurance offers you protection against any bodily injury or property damage you may be responsible and held liable for at an event you are hosting. Property damage at the venue by a guest or possibly the bands set up, a slip and fall, or even when a guest is driving home from the event after a few cocktails, are few examples where you may be considered liable to pay.

When should I have this?

You should have a Special Event Policy anytime you are organizing a group to meet up.
For Example: Training classes, Conferences, Work Functions outside the office, Gatherings and Parties.

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