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Why Sell on Rivly?

Being founded by veteran ecommerce sellers, the team at Rivly recognized an accelerating divide emerging in the US ecommerce market: 81% of American consumers say they prefer to buy from American businesses (some at any cost), but the majority of new sellers signing up on Amazon and Walmart are based directly in China.

Outsourcing the production overseas has already been the norm for decades, but outsourcing the entire business is the recent trend with Amazon, Walmart, and even more so with new players such as Shein and Temu. Rivly was started in late 2020 to fill this void, capitalize on opportunities left by the incumbents, and to create a truly engaging shopping experience.

Ready to sell on a platform that cares about YOU as a seller? A platform that doesn’t compete against your brands?

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Other benefits of selling on include:

US Based Business

Only US-based businesses with a US owner are allowed to sell on the platform. (regardless of what country you source products from)

No Rivly Branded Competition

Rivly is not in the business of creating brands to compete with you. They are in the business of helping their sellers have more control and more access to the customer experience.

Full Import of Listings

You can set up and import your listings from Amazon and Shopify in under 15 Minutes

Better Seller Experience

No more fake reviews. No more listing Hijackers. No more counterfeit products. Registered brand owners control all the listings and their brands. Any new sellers MUST send YOU an application to list products in your brand.

Cost Savings

No costly advertising eating away at your profits

Insurance Protection for Your rivly Store

Rivly Seller Insurance Recommended Coverages

The insurance recommendations for Rivly sellers and retailers are similar to those of Amazon. sellers should have commercial general liability insurance and product liability insurance (link this site: Product Liability Insurance | Ashlin Hadden Agency ( with limits of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. This insurance coverage should be maintained throughout the seller’s use of platform.

To apply for liability insurance and to see if your Rivly business needs insurance policies that extend past the recommended requirement, fill out our form and one of our insurance agents will reach out to you.



Coverage for Other eCommerce Sellers

Insurance Protection for Your Rivly or Other Online Business

With the rapid growth and shift from brick-and-mortar shopping to online shopping, many online retailers are choosing to maximize opportunity for profit by selling on multiple marketplaces and/or platforms.

Platforms like Rivly offer several benefits over selling on a traditional marketplace (like Amazon or Walmart). Sellers can get a full account setup and import your listings from Amazon or Shopify in under 15 minutes, pay no fees until you make a sale, and have complete control over your brand presence. Additionally, Rivly lets you fulfill orders yourself, with Amazon FBA, or other 3PL integrations.

“Remember: It costs significantly less to protect your business than it does to save it.”

Ashlin Hadden, Founder & CEO

Protect Your ecommerce Business Today!

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Full Insurance Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

Why Liability Insurance May Not Be Enough

Having general & product liability insurance is a great start, but these policies can still leave your business potentially vulnerable to other financial minefields.
For example, what happens if:

  • Your inventory is lost or damaged during transit?
  • Your product (or a part of your product) is recalled?
  • An employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the job?
  • Your customer database gets hacked and compromised?
  • Your product fails to meet the requirements set forth by
  • California’s Prop 65 guidelines?
  • An employee steals money from your company?
  • The equipment in your office becomes compromised due to a fire or flooding?
  • Your company experiences prolonged business interruption due to, say, a pandemic?

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