I always hoped that someday I would reach national recognition, but I thought maybe it would be for my ecommerce insurance agency  or perhaps my goofball antics on TikTok. In my wildest dreams, I never anticipated becoming internet famous because of my cat, Stipes.

Recently, I came home from a business trip, hoping to get some R&R in my newly renovated bathroom. My new tub and walls looked great! Until, I heard meowing coming from inside the bathroom wall. Yes, the carpenters had literally built a new bathroom around my cat. I literally had to go full-on rambo and punch a hole in the drywall to rescue Stripes.

I posted a tiktok video, detailing this fiasco and (unbeknowst to me), it went viral.

True to social media form, people had… thoughts. Let me tell you, internet trolls did not disappoint.

Some found the situation hilarious. Some were concerned for the well-being of Stripes. Others were outraged that I allowed this to happen. (A few people even commented on how unimpressed they were with the new bathroom layout).

For those of you concerned about Stripes, I’m happy to report that he is safe, healthy, and back to his usual shenanigans – sans hiding in walls. Was it the contractors fault, my fault, or the cat’s fault? Well, people are gonna “people” and have their opinions, but I can assure you my furball’s safety and health is one of my top priorities.

As such, I’d like to turn this catastrophe  into a positive outcome. National Cat Day is right around the corner (October 29th) and my company, Ashlin Hadden Insurance, is seizing Stripe’s fifteen minutes of fame to raise money for a local resource called 4 Precious Paws.

This non-profit organization utilizes funds to vaccinate, neuter, and (most importantly) rescue cats that have been through significantly worse trauma than Stripes.

To those who had the time to berate me as a cat-owner, this is a great opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Let’s save homeless cats that would love to have a home to be drywalled into.

For every dollar you donate, my company will match it.

We love our pets & believe all cats should have a place to receive love and give love.

Let’s turn my catastrophe into something really worth talking about – saving cats.


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