Issue: System stress and confidentiality When employees work from home, there may be strains on the company’s network and additional remote issues to consider.

Consideration: Consider the following tips for your employees to help maintain network security and performance while working remotely:
• Limit use of large email attachments and other programs that will put additional pressure on your company’s network bandwidth ecosystems.
• Unplug Alexa/Google or any other device that can “listen in” while you’re on Skype calls to avoid the potential for sensitive company information (e.g., account numbers, company plans, etc.) to be compromised.
• Do not forward emails that contain attachments, highly restricted or company confidential content to personal email accounts as it potentially exposes your company to the unintentional disclosure of this information.
• Avoid reading, talking about, or leaving confidential or highly restricted company information in any unsecured work-from-home area.
• Lock or logoff and secure your work device when not in use.
• Shred documents with sensitive information as appropriate.
• Restart your machine daily.

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