Commercial Auto Insurance

Are you using your personal car to go sourcing on a regular basis? Do you use it to drop off shipments to UPS? Are you transporting goods or people? You may need a commercial Auto Insurance Policy.

What is the difference between Commercial and Personal Auto insurance?

Ownership, usage, exposure, and type are the primary differences between needing a personal auto policy or a commercial auto.

When do I need to get a commercial policy?

There are cases where adding business use to your personal auto is sufficient coverage. If you’re a sole proprietor and usage is minimal, a personal auto with business use will suit your needs and cover you properly. But you need to make sure your auto insurance carrier adds business use to your policy.

A vehicle owned by the business in any way will need to be on a commercial policy. If you are using your vehicle on a regular basis and you and using it for sourcing and transporting goods, you are going to need a commercial policy.

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