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Why Insurance Agents Hate the Holidays

Why Insurance Agents Hate the Holidays

  Hint: It’s Because Insurance Claims Skyrocket Around Christmas -- (For those who would rather spend this time cuddling with loved ones instead of reading long articles, there is a tl/dr at the bottom.) It’s the most wonderful time of the year... to have...

How Does California’s Prop 65 Impact Amazon Sellers? 

How Does California’s Prop 65 Impact Amazon Sellers? 

And What Amazon Businesses Need to Do to Comply with New Amazon Regulations -- Rarely is a random email from Amazon good news. Most lines of communication with the conglomerate seem to be something Amazon is “restructuring” that rarely benefits sellers. The most...

What Business Expenses Can I Write Off in 2022?

What Business Expenses Can I Write Off in 2022?

11 Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money During Tax Season Owning and running a business can be an expensive venture, particularly during tax season when Uncle Sam comes sniffing around. While you obviously can’t avoid paying taxes altogether (unless your last name...

4 Tip When Shopping for the Best Amazon Insurance Rates

How To Renew Your Product Liability Insurance Policy with Better Rates As an Amazon seller currently immersed in Q4, the last thing you probably want to think about is what’s happening next year - least of all un-sexy things like how to get better Amazon insurance...

The Most Current Amazon Insurance Requirements 2022

How To Ensure Your Amazon Company is Legally Insured Going into 4th Quarter It should come as no surprise to anyone that, year-after-year, Amazon continues to gross significantly more revenue in its 4th quarter (October through Dec) than any other quarter.  Sellers...