Last Thursday, 100 Ashlin Hadden Insurance clients and staff members stood outside Victory Field, waiting for the stadium to open. Indy was hosting one of The Savannah Bananas’ World Series games that night, and many people in our group had been anticipating this event ever since we announced them as winners. 

You could feel the excitement of our group as we convened outside, waiting for the doors to open. Enthused clients sported their Ashlin Hadden Insurance t–shirts, along with signs and other sports paraphernalia.  


Unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived when it was announced that the game had to be postponed due to a power outage at the stadium. Disappointed but not discouraged, we made plans to meet again on Saturday for the rescheduled game. 

But before I tell you about how Saturday’s events unfolded, let me back up for a second… 

The Legacy of The Savannah Bananas 

Many people think it’s not real baseball unless the players are readjusting their cups, spitting chewing tobacco, and yelling at the umpire over unfair calls. After all, isn’t that what America’s oldest sport is all about?  

But for me (and apparently tens of thousands of other spectators), real baseball athleticism can show up in the form of ridiculous outfits, choreographed dances, and crazy acrobatics while singing Michael Jackson songs.  

Of course, with that description, I could only be referring to the Savannah Bananas – a “banana ball” franchise that started in 2016 and quickly swept the nation, soon becoming one of the most sought-after sporting events over the following years. The Savannah Bananas’ popularity exploded quickly, and they started making appearances on respected sporting channels like ESPN shortly after their introduction into the world of sports.  

So, when I was offered 100 free tickets to go see them on their World Tour in my home state of Indiana, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to share such a unique experience with the people I appreciate the most!  

Ashlin Hadden and The Great Ticket Debacle 

But how do you narrow down who you want rooting beside you at a once-in-a-lifetime event?  

Even after giving out tickets to my family, close friends, and employees, that still left me with plenty more tickets to dole out.  

I quickly decided I really wanted to extend invites to the long list of loyal clients I’ve accumulated over the years. Unfortunately, I didn’t have nearly enough tickets for all of them, so I did what any normal, totally sane business owner would do. I decided to hold a contest. 

It would be a raffle, but instead of clients just registering their names, they would have to explain what the best part of being an Ashlin Hadden Insurance client was. No, I didn’t do this for an ego boost (although, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t do that as a nice little bonus). I genuinely wanted to know what makes my clients continue doing business with me, year after year.

Is it because Ashlin Hadden Insurance prides itself on selling top-rated insurance coverage? Is it because of my incredibly helpful and communicative team of agents? Or maybe because we do cool stuff like raffle off free Savannah Bananas tickets?  

The 50 registrants with the best answers would win tickets to the game. There were a lot of great entries. To highlight a few: 

“Great customer service!” ~ Angie S.  

“[Ashlin Hadden Insurance] has always been quick to respond to issues when needed. I would recommend this agency to anyone.” ~ Dylan M. 

“[Your agent] Jennifer is a rockstar and always makes time for me!” ~ Steve F.  

Awwww, how great are these guys? Anyway, I ended up narrowing down 50 winners, and despite the annoyance of Thursday’s game being rescheduled, that didn’t deter our group from showing back up.  

Saturday Night Fever 

Saturday, we piled into our reserved seating section – spirits high, swag on, beer and sodas overflowing. We knew we weren’t here just to see a baseball game; we were here to witness one of the most entertaining displays of athleticism we were probably ever going to see. I mean, just look at those excited faces below! IT. WAS. ON. 


At 7 on the dot, the Savannah Bananas spilled onto the field, hyping themselves up to the roar of the crowd and some Irish music blasting over the speakers. Then they proceeded to do…well…whatever THIS is: 

Let me say this – there is a reason this team is one of the most followed accounts on TikTok. 

They were hilarious, talented, energetic, and played a damn good game of baseball against the Party Animals (who were also a joy to watch).  

The crowd was equally fun to observe with all their bright banana merchandise, funny signs, crazy costumes, and intense energy. Oh! And the players took every possible opportunity to interact with their fans, which was great.  

Someone’s baby even made a grand appearance in their very own banana costume. (Don’t tell me that isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen!) 


The Savannah Bananas beat the Party Animals by a landslide, but the greatest feat for the Bananas wasn’t the score of the game. According to news station WishTV8, the two games in Indy collectively brought out over 30,000 audience members, the largest turnout in Bananas’ history. 

The team celebrated their love for Indy and its record-breaking crowds by publicly stating they couldn’t believe the reciprocated love and enthusiasm. “Indy, you literally brought the thunder and we’ll be telling everyone about this weekend forever and ever” they tweeted.  

The Indianapolis Indians also had the opportunity to hang out with the Bananas, giving a shoutout to the team on their Facebook page, and referring to the weekend as a “never-ending party” that was “simply…bananas.” 

While our group of 100 didn’t get to party with the players, we certainly had plenty of fun, hosting our own little party in the stands and enjoying some pre-4th-of-July sunshine, hot dogs, and laughs. 


What’s Next for Ashlin Hadden Insurance? 

If you missed out on this event, have no fear! We are continually coming up with ways to show our current and future clients some love.  

For example, from now through August 6th, you can sign up to win tickets to Matt Rife’s highly-anticipated ProbleMATTic show here in Indy. Just click here to read the rules and enter.  

And if that show doesn’t work out, I promise there will be plenty more Ashlin Hadden Insurance events on the horizon. It’s one of the MANY benefits of being our client! (Aside from the better insurance coverage you’ll get by going through us.)  

And if you are curious just how great our commercial lines and personal lines insurance coverage is, fill out our forms to get a quote.  

Form for auto, home, and life policies. 

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