Today Amazon Announces a Change in Insurance Requirements. Below is the email that was sent to Pro Sellers.

Dear Selling Partner,


Over the years, we have worked together to earn customers’ trust by providing them with a great experience – offering the products they want, ensuring great prices, and providing fast and convenient delivery. The A-to-z Guarantee, which covers the timely delivery and condition of products sold in our store, has also been important to our mutual growth by providing customers with peace of mind when purchasing from sellers.


Today, we are expanding our A-to-z Guarantee to protect both customers and sellers in the unlikely event a defective product sold through causes property damage or personal injury. Beginning September 1, we will:

  1. Offer an efficient process for both parties to resolve such claims.
  2. Pay valid claims less than $1,000 and not seek reimbursement from sellers who have valid insurance.
  3. Make it easier for sellers to buy insurance at competitive rates through Amazon Insurance Accelerator.

With these innovations, we are enabling customers to shop even more confidently in our store, driving more opportunity for you to continue to grow your business.


Amazon expands A-to-z Guarantee to efficiently resolve defective product claims for customers and sellers Previously, in the rare case that a customer believed a defective product caused property damage or personal injury, customers approached sellers directly to try to resolve their claim. We have heard from both sellers and customers that the experience can sometimes be frustrating. We have consulted with insurance experts and built a new process to facilitate resolution in a more efficient manner for all parties involved.


Beginning September 1, 2021, for products sold through, Amazon will facilitate resolution of property damage and personal injury claims between the customer, the seller, and their insurance provider. Customers can contact Amazon Customer Service and we will notify the seller and help them address the claim. If a seller does not respond to a claim, Amazon will step in to directly address the immediate customer concern, bear the cost ourselves, and separately pursue the seller. If a seller rejects a claim we believe is valid, Amazon may also step in to address the customer concern; in these cases, sellers will continue to have the opportunity to defend their product against the claim. This streamlined process will save time, money, and effort for both customers and sellers. By standing behind customers and the products in our store, regardless of who sells them, we will help customers feel more confident shopping at Amazon and from sellers like you.


When a customer files a claim, Amazon will combine our advanced fraud and abuse detection systems with external, independent insurance fraud experts to analyze the claim. We will present valid claims to sellers and deny unsubstantiated, frivolous, or abusive claims. By doing this work on behalf of sellers, we save you from having to investigate these claims on your own.


You can read about the process in full here:


Amazon pays for claims under $1,000, saving sellers time and money Amazon will resolve and pay for valid property damage and personal injury claims against sellers under $1,000 as a concession to customers. Claims under $1,000 account for more than 80% of cases in our store, and Amazon will bear these costs and not seek reimbursement from sellers who abide by our policies and hold valid insurance. These concessions will not affect your order defect rate, and you will be kept informed at every step so you can continue to ensure your products are safe.


Amazon updates seller insurance requirements and launches Insurance Accelerator, making it easier and more affordable for sellers to protect their businesses Amazon has a long-standing requirement that sellers obtain product liability insurance and name Amazon as an additional insured once they reach $10,000 in sales for three consecutive months on Amazon. We are updating this requirement and effective September 1, 2021, our Business Solutions Agreement will require sellers to obtain product liability insurance and name Amazon as an additional insured once you reach $10,000 in sales in one month on

If you do NOT currently have insurance, please visit us at to get a quote today!!!!


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