Most New sellers start out thinking they can just sign up for an account and start making millions like all the TikTok and YouTubers say. But what you forget is that there are expenses that go along with running your own business. And Yes, an Amazon 3rd party seller is your business! Another huge mistake they miss is that when they singed Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) they stated that they have insurance and that you will provide it at any time to Amazon (

Well, folks, that day has come for some of you! I have done many podcasts and webinars giving you a heads up and yesterday 2/1/2021 Amazon has called you to the carpet. (See email below). 

So what is required? 

What are the insurance requirements? 

Your commercial liability insurance policy must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Policy limits must be at least $1 million per occurrence and in aggregate, covering liabilities caused by or occurring in conjunction with the operation of your business, including products, products/completed operations, and bodily injury;
  • Policy must cover your sales through the website;
  • Policy must name Amazon and its assignees as additional insureds;
  • Policyholder name must match the name of “legal entity” provided to Amazon. You can verify your legal entity name in Seller Central at; and
  • Policy must be valid for at least 180 days from the date of submission.

How do you get this insurance? 

You need an agent who KNOWS what you know! Who is NOT a seller but know what’s sellers do! You need Ashlin Hadden Insurance. Her agency focuses solely on eCommerce sellers. She has spoken and attended over 40 conferences, is in the Facebook groups, and has even walked the Canton Fair with clients to see how they were sourcing. They are your one-stop shop for eCommerce insurance.

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