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At Ashlin Hadden Insurance, we don’t like to say we sell liability insurance to Amazon sellers. We like to say we protect sellers’ dreams because we believe in them. Our sellers become part of our family.


Meet the Business


‘I don’t want you to think about insurance every time you think of me. But I do want you to think of me, every time you think about insurance.” ~ Ashlin Hadden, founder

Ashlin Hadden Insurance is the birth-child of an ex-agent who worked for the country’s largest insurance conglomerate. Fed up with the shady, unscrupulous antics of her ex-company, she vowed to start her own insurance agency that people could TRUST. The staff here prides itself on being small yet effective. Personable yet professional. Fun yet serious about insurance.

When we say our clients become our family, we mean it.




Meet the Family


Ashlin Hadden


Ashlin has been in the financial/insurance industry for over 15 years. 6 years ago, she left a high-profile insurance company because she didn’t agree with their unethical treatment toward clients. She decided to start her own insurance agency and help eCommerce sellers protect their business ventures. You can always find Ashlin wherever there are tater tots.

Jennifer Benson

Personal Lines Advisor

Jennifer has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. Her passions include protecting the customer when they need it the most, providing excellent customer service, and a good Cabernet. When Jennifer is not working, she enjoys coaching soccer, playing golf, or just relaxing with the family. She is never NOT doing anything. Ask her what project she is working on now and she’ll probably be too busy to tell you.

Jovana Fragoso

Administrative Assistant

Jovana is a professional, bilingual Customer Service Specialist with extensive experience resolving customer issues. She is a creative problem solver who has a real desire to help our customers. Jovana is the sharpest dresser in the office with can be found playing jazz while she works.

Lindsey Caudill

Office Manager

Lindsey has worked in administration, office management, and human resources for the past 20 years. She strives to support employees in their jobs and help the office operate smoothly and efficiently. Lindsey has an eclectic taste in music and you never know what you’ll hear playing in her office. Headphones can be seen worn by the other staff members at different times.

Sarah Fahlsing

Ecommerce Renewal Agent

Since 2013, Sarah has been in the insurance industry, helping clients understand and meet their insurance needs. She prides herself on focusing on the customer and their business, ensuring that they feel good about their coverage and doing business with us. Sarah is a huge animal-lover, even saving spiders by releasing them outdoors.

Kelsey Taulbee

Ecommerce Insurance Agent

Kelsey has been a small business owner for 14 years which makes her relatable to our clients. Her passion for great service shows because she always has a smile on her face. She takes amazing care of both her customers and the staff here as well. Kelsey’s favorite color is tie-dye and rainbows.

Amanda Hill

Customer Service Advocate

Amanda has several years of experience in servicing customers in the insurance industry. She prides herself on being detailed-oriented and anticipating the needs of her customers. We believe Amanda has an addiction to caffeine because you can always find her on the move. She’s probably bouncing on her ball chair as we write this.

McClain Warren

Brand Ambassador/Marketing Director

McClain comes to the agency with years of knowledge and experience in the marketing and eCommerce world. She loves people (except Bob), networking, and creating eye-catching and intriguing content. She also loves pineapple on her pizza and will fight you if you say its awful.

Hannah Agresti

Customer Service Rep

Hannah started working in the Insurance field at the beginning of 2022, but was a quick and astute learner and quickly developed a passion for commercial insurance. She is a small business owner herself and excited to use that passion to help direct and protect others. With a background in social work, she has a heart for serving others and a dedication to detail. Hannah likes to sabotage diets by bringing in her amazing Macaroons to the office.


Customer Service Advocate

Born and raised in Terre Haute, IN, this “hoosier” has mid-western spunk with southern belle charm. She is a proud Purdue alum who majored in Food Science and minored in Nutrition, so we always feel guilty eating junk around her. Ryleigh played softball in college and considers herself a book nerd. Actually, she says book worm; we threw in the nerd part.

Ashlin Hadden gets involved with the community.

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