Know what you know and NOT do what you do!

Are you new to selling on an eCom platform? Did you know that several platforms require you to have a general liability policy? Who do you get to help? How do you choose an agent? Where do you go? Check out a few suggestions on how to pick an agent that is right for you.

  1. Ask around. Who are your fellow sellers using? Usually other sellers have done the hard work for you. Ask them who they like and don’t like.
  2. Do they know what you are doing? If you talk to your agent and they don’t know what your doing then how can they insure you properly. You need an agent who has worked with eCom sellers and understands what is required and how to protect what you have worked so hard for.
  3. How approachable is your agent? Can you talk to them and enjoy it? You don’t want an agent that you can’t talk to.
  4. How reachable is your agent? You want to be able to send them an email, text message or Facebook message whenever you need something. You need to see them at your conferences and in the community. You want to see them getting involved with your Facebook groups and be where you are.
  5. Make sure your Agent is NOT selling themselves or are associated with an agency that has a seller. You work SO hard sourcing products, looking for deals, working with vendors and growing your business. Why would you trust that hard work to someone else who could potentially (even inadvertently) use that info to better their store.

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